Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Put An End to Cramps

For many woman, that time of month is just like any other day but with the discomfort of having to wear a pad or tampon. However, many others including myself suffer through a much harder time during their period, and I thought as I am currently working through the pain what better time to write about my experience and how I work through it.

Every month, on my first day I will wake up to a disgusting sweat and cramp filled day. My back and stomach ache and the last thing I want to do is get out of bed, but I must get to my painkillers before the pain gets worse. The camps I feel are like contractions, they come and they are so painful but then there is that 5 seconds where it is gone and life is not so bad, but it is a cycle so I brace myself because I know it is coming back. This repeats for about a half hour until the painkiller kicks in. I have also been getting very nauseous on the morning of the first day. It isn't until recently where my cramps are so painful, my body has no other way to relax itself other than causing me to regurgitate. Which puts my body in a fearful, and tired shaking frenzy until the pain is weak enough to allow me to sleep.  After this I am able to keep on top of the pain, and stop it from coming back until unfortunately my next period.

Here are some of my tips about how I get through that time of month:
  • First off you need to find a painkiller that works for you, and you feel helps ease the pain fastest. As I am not a big supporter of painkillers, however I can not help but resort to them during this time of month, I will try my best to take half a pill every 4 hours instead of 1 pill every 4 hours, and luckily this has been working just fine, it takes the same amount of time to work its wonders, and keeps the pain away for 4 hours sometimes more. Since my pain is worst when I wake up, I will make sure to set an alarm around 2am and take a painkiller then as well.
  • Make sure you take a multivitamin during this time, if you do not take one everyday, as I do feel this helps lessen the amount of pain I go through. 
  • Stay warm! I keep bundled up from head to toe, drink hot beverages, and wear a heat pack when my cramps come in as this stops them. What I also find helps is a hot bath, the heat from the water helps stop my cramps completely. 
  • Also eating salty foods helps ease cramps. I am not very sure the science behind it, but drinking pickle juice or eating salty/ vinegar filled items like chips or crackers does help. 
  • Lastly, I know a couple of my friends with cramps that aren't as painful swear by exercising. I can not preach and tell you to get up and exercise because I can barely move any of my muscles but every now and then I will give it a try and it absolutely helps. 
Those are all my secrets that have helped me get through my period over the years. However, I am no doctor, so you should always make sure to talk to a professional to seek help. If you have any secrets of your own, I would absolutely love to hear about them. :)

Lulu :)

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