Monday, 2 July 2012

Fourth of July- Outfit Ideas

Finding the perfect outfit, for such a special occasion is always hard. Even when I have one planned out, I still change it about 10 times before I decide on something. So I put together some outfits, mainly for inspiring your own outfit idea. Like in the "Little Black Dress Affair" look I really love the collar, but it is way over priced, however making one from scratch would only take a couple hours. As well as the red jeans shorts. I could take an old pair of jeans bye some dye and get the desired look.
BlouseStudded ShortsNavy TOMSMessenger BagAmerican Flag Earrings

BlouseDark JeansWhite TOMSAmerican Flag BagBracelet

Striped ShirtSkirtMary Jane HeelsClutch

Crop TopPleated Maxi SkirtCowgirl BootsMessanger BagBead Bracelet

My outfit is a combination of all. I have my navy blue maxi skirt, a plain white blouse, and some red mary jane heels. Which of the outfits is most like something you would wear?

Happy fourth of July.
Lulu :)


  1. LOVE this! I want those red shorts, and the blue and white stripped shirt with some white TOMS!

  2. I love a little bit of country looks comfy but dressy.

  3. Thank you. Hope you have a fun and safe fourth of July :)


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