Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Fun Japanese Candy

About a year ago I came across a video on youtube of someone opening up and "making" this fun, yummy looking candy. One year later I finally convinced myself to buy some and try it. Since they are not very cheap plus shipping is quite expensive I was unsure what I should spend my money on. The candy that I had seen on youtube was from a brand by the name of Kracie and the candy itself is called Nerunerunerune Sticky Candy Kit in the grape flavor.

I got the Nerunerunerune Sticky Candy Kit, 2 in each flavor, grape, soda, and peach. The kit comes with 3 little packets, 2 which you mix with water to get the stick candy, and the last one is some sort of dip . When I saw the video and made the candy I actually thought the sticky candy was sort of like a marshmallow fluff, but it is actually just extremely foamy. Since I had the expectation of the sticky part being marshmallow fluff I was not really satisfied with the taste and texture of foam ( I in general do not like the texture of anything foamy/fizzy). However, the other person who tried them went through all 3 flavors in really quickly.

The next set of candy I brought was 3 of  the Wata (cotton candy) Patchi in grape, and 3 of the Wata Gum Fizzy Cola Cotton Candy. I was really excited for these because growing up I had this cotton candy gum, and it was called fili folly gum and I just thought it was the coolest thing. The Wata Patchi in grape is actually not gum it just melts in your mouth. This one has pop rocks hidden inside. I really liked the grape.  The Wata Gum in Cola was awesome the texture the taste just great but inside this one there are little white candies and this was the fizz which again is a type of foam which I just would have preferred not be there.

In general these were all really fun and enjoyable. I would definitely buy more of the cotton candy type candies. In case you want to buy any I believe you can find these on ebay, but I got them off I paid for shipping via AIR and it took 8 business days to arrive, which was great.

Have you ever tried these candies? What is your absolute favorite kind of candy? I have recently really been wanting some fresh cotton candy right out of the machine.

Lulu :)


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, they were quite exciting to make and eat. Only took 1 night to finish them all. :)

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