Sunday, 22 December 2013

D.I.Y: Cinnamon, Coconut Oil, and Honey Hair Treatment

So as I said in my last post, I really want to work on pampering myself this break, and so here is another at home natural inexpensive hair mask. 
While searching for home ingredients that are great for dry skin, I came across cinnamon, with which I came up with this cinnamon concoction for repairing my skin. In my search I also read that cinnamon was great for your hair as it helps in increasing blood circulation on  your scalp and therefore assists hair growth. So I knew I would have to give this a try for my next homemade hair treatment. So lets begin.
DisclaimerSince I am not a professional, please make sure to do your own research, and test this out on a small amount of skin to make sure you do not get any bad reactions.


  • 1 tsp cinnamon (helps increase blood circulation to your scalp, assisting with a healthy scalp for continual hair growth)
  • 2 tbsp organic honey (helps prevent hair from breaking, therefore assisting with hair growth)
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil (assists with making your hair healthy, and shiny, also said to help with dandruff)
  • 1.5 tsp plain yogurt (helps prevent frizz, and also assists with hair growth)

In a bowl mix in the yogurt cinnamon and then honey first. You can either melt the coconut oil over extremely low heat, or just mix it in directly it will be chancy but will melt once you rub it into your scalp/ on your hair so it is fine either way. 

Once all the ingredients are mixed, begin by brushing your hair just so you don't have any knots. Then just massage your scalp with the ingredients, try and do this for 3 minutes or so just make sure to get your entire scalp, then use the left over ingredients on your hair especially your ends, the coconut oil will help moisturize any dryness. Leave it in as long as you feel comfortable. I am not sure if its okay to leave cinnamon in a long time, which is why I only mixed in a tsp, but I left this on my hair for 2.5 hours. After this you will probably need to shampoo your hair twice to get all the oil out, but you are left with soft, shiny and moisturized hair!

I loved this mask, if you are unsure about cinnamon, you can definitely remove this ingredient and just use the others without cinnamon, maybe add a little more yogurt. If you try this mask let me know how you like it 

Lulu :) 


  1. Hi dear, I love natural treatment for all my body, I often usee pure coconut oil for my hair , I leave this treatment all night *_*... I follow you on GFC so I'm becoming a member of your blog...I hope to see you as a member of my blog too...

    1. Hello Charlie, thank you so much for your comment. Yes, I used to also just leave in coconut oil or olive oil all through the night, but it was very messy sometimes ;P
      Thanks for following my blog. I will definitely check out yours and follow you :)

    2. :D I can't use olive oil because I've straight and oily hair. Unfortunately for me, olive oil is too heavy for my hair.XD .thank you for visit my blog :) happy holidays ^_^

  2. Thanks for the "recipe". I replaced the yogurt with coconut milk, hope it'll work. :-)

    1. No worries, Hope you like the mask.
      I can't imagine that coconut milk would be bad in the recipe. I use it all the time in other hair masks and it's just the greatest. If you do try it, let me know how you like it with the coconut milk.
      I will have to find some time and put up the coconut milk hair mask.

    2. Tried it and wow, the ends seemed a little dry, but it sure helped! It felt like I had twice as much hair after washing and drying the hair. :-D

    3. Yay! :)
      I am so glad you liked it. That is exactly how my hair feels, just a lot thicker.

  3. Can i keep the musk overnight

  4. Is this something that after I make it I have to put it on my hair right away. What if you want to make a couple of jars to use as can you store this does it need to be does this work??? Thank you

  5. Is this something that after I make it I have to put it on my hair right away. What if you want to make a couple of jars to use as can you store this does it need to be does this work??? Thank you

  6. Yes is this something that I have to use right away?? Can we store them in jars?? How does this work if we want to use them as gifts??

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  9. Thanks for the "recipe". I replaced the yogurt with coconut milk, hope it'll work
    coconut oil for hair growth

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