Friday, 1 June 2012

D.I.Y- Mosquito Bite Remedy

After leaving my house for a hiking trip the other day, I thought I would outsmart the mosquitos by wearing pants and a long sleeve loose shirt. However, they clearly had their way with me by over attacking the regions that were showing which were my face, hands, and feet. Usually I do not mind the bites, but these mosquitos must have been on steroids. They kept me up most of the night scratching so I remembered an old remedy of rubbing salt and backing soda on them to scratch the bites, but also soothe them at the same time. I also remember using lemons, vinegar, and aloe vera too cool them down. I am unsure where the combination I chose came from but it did the job. If you try this, try at own risk, in a ventilated area, as I am not a professional just someone who was fed up with her mosquito bites. Also make sure not to apply it on an open wounds,  and that you are aware of the chemicals that are formed.

However in a little container I added the baking soda, and some vinegar until the mixture began to foam then with a cotton ball I applied the foamed mixture onto my mosquito bite. I am unsure what happened but the itching stopped completely, while the vinegar gave a cooling effect as it began to dry.

Do you know any natural remedies for itchy mosquito bites?

Lulu :)

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