Wednesday, 9 May 2012

D.I.Y Old Jeans = New Shorts

Ever since I was young, I remember my mother cutting my old worn out jeans and making them into capris for me. So after cleaning out my closet I found an old pair of dark wash jeans, that I no longer liked the color of. So I thought it would be a fun to transform them into a pair of shorts, and also bleach the color off. I did not have a pattern planned out, so I just went with it, which is quite obvious as some places are more bleached than others, but thats the fun part. Just a quick note, if you try this out, make sure when working with the bleach remember to wear gloves, try not to breath too much in, and be very careful not to get it on yourself.

What I did:
First I grabbed my old pair of jeans and tried them on, and figured out how short I wanted to go . I cut off the extra material,  and took a long time carefully cutting off the zipper pockets which I really disliked, and thankfully it turned out really good after the bleach. Since these will probably be used for when we head to the beach, I cut up a couple of slits near the pockets for a worn out, beach-y look. Then wearing a mask I added small amounts of bleach, using a spray bottle, spraying more towards the bottom and less closer to the top. Once you feel you have the desired look wash the bleach off with water, just so it doesn't bleach the shorts any more. Throw them in the wash and dryer, and ta-dah, a brand new pair of shorts. Below are a couple of pictures of the process.

1. Jeans before   2. Removing the zipper   3. Cutting the shorts
4. The shorts drying off
Let me know what you think of the shorts?

Lulu :)


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